Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I think we got our money's worth!

Yesterday after school.  I decided to mow the grass.  While I was doing that.  Claire found the apples I had purchased earlier that day. And proceeded to eat it.  When she was done this is all that she had left.

And it was no little apple.

Next, she wanted another.

At least they are good for you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Umm... What Happened to My Cake?!?

I guess I cannot leave the kitchen while baking a cake... even to update Facebook.

They (Benjamin and Claire) were very hungry. Mostly for cake... 
But they told me they were VERY sorry! 
(in the most dramatic voice they could muster)
After it was frosted no one could tell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grandma's Panties

I will spare you a picture of this one.  Aubrey the other day, while she was getting dressed, was running around saying.  I love wearing Grandma's panties.  I was like what are you talking about?  Then I figured out that she was talking about the panties that Grandma had given them on her last trip here.  Something you don't hear everyday.  "I love wearing Grandma's panties!" at the top of someone's lungs!  I just hope the windows were not opened.  I am afraid what the neighbors think of us already.  What a funny girl!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you don't have a shot, don't take it...

Some times we save a trip downstairs, by throwing diapers at the trash can from upstairs.  Today it did not save a trip or time.

The diaper hit the chair and EXPLODED!


I was just glad that it did not have a present inside!

Hope you have an EXPLOSIVE day!
I already am!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eggs anyone?

The kids have leaned how to make bird nests and eggs with playdoh.  Their friend Brinley was over for a fun play-date.  They want her to come over everyday.  They have so much fun playing with her.  The reason that Aubrey is not pictured is that she is off drawing pictures for Brinley so she can remember coming over.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Subtle hints...

So I found this in the food storage area of the basement. I was what is this? Why is there a smiley face on the cereal? Then I looked at it closer. Benjamin has left me some clues on what he likes and does not like!Apparently he is not a fan of the bananas or the nuts.

But likes the flakes. Thanks for letting me know Benjamin. I will keep theses in mind when I go grocery shopping. Got love this guy so so funny!

Finally some of the painting we have been doing!

So here are some of the painting projects we have been up to! We are by no means finished! With the painting or the decorating! This is just the start. This first one is the art niche over the fireplace. And yes I know that the picture need to be updated. And for all you funny people out there no we did not change Zachary's name to Chelsea. And no he is not really a flower.
My friend Amy Farnsworth is going to take the replacement pictures. I think that they will be amazing!
This one is in the dining room when you first walk in the house. The colors are Cappuccino and Garnet from Restoration Hardware. LOVE their paint!
This is also in the dining room. This is the fabric for the curtains.
This one is a hallway between the dining and the kitchen. I will be adding more to it than just this shelf, but for now this is what I have. The paint is chocolate from RH.
Here is going up the stairs. The paint is Cappuccino.
Here is the study that is off of the family room. The paint is Flax again from RH.
Another view of the study. We also painted the powder room in Flax.
Here is the kitchen. I am proposing Saffron from RH in here. We are trying to find the same tile that is around the fireplace to do as a back-splash.
Another view of the kitchen. We have not painted the living room or any of the rooms upstairs. Let us know what you thing! People I want to see comments here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Did you know we have bones?

Aubrey just came up to me and asked if I knew we had bones. And that she drew me a picture to show me the bones. Thanks for the Osteology lesson!

If the inventer of Spot Shot is out there...

If the inverter of Spot Shot is out there we would like to shake your hand! Last night I was telling Dan about everything I do in a day. Yesterday it just happened to be getting grape jelly out of the new carpet! Spot Shot got it out with ease! It is the best carpet cleaner out there. So, this is a public thank you to the inventor and makers of SPOT SHOT! (sorry there is no pictures of the named jelly and carpet incident. I could recreate it but... I am sure there will more opportunities to prove the true miracle of Spot Shot in the near future.) I did just find a screaming deal at Sam's Club. Two large cans of Spot Shot for just $3.21! I was very tempted to buy all they had, but settled on all I could carry to the basket.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The littlest monkey is now 1!

So. we finally celebrated Zachary's birthday last night. We had a small gathering over for dinner and cupcakes. As you can see from the pictures he thoroughly loved the cupcakes!
I cannot believe that my baby is one!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The First Day of School

So, I think that I can post about this now. We had quite a traumatic first day of school. It was Aug 24th. So on Aug 23rd I decided that I was going to had a Boo-Hoo or Woo-Hoo luncheon. To make a long story short I did not have the ingredients for what I needed to make for the luncheon, so off to Sam's we went Monday morning. Yes, just hours before school. I can do it all right? So, we get home with just an hour for me to clean the house and make the food and oh get the kids to school.

We headed off to for the girls to catch the school bus. The bus is suppose to come at 12:07 (Yes, that is the time they told me.) I am thinking they have it down to the min. They are good. I cannot get anything down to the minute when kids are involved! Well, we found out they can't either. So we waited for a good 20 mins. Then I snapped this picture and decided I needed to take things into my own control. Told the kids to run home and get in the van, because we could not wait any longer or Benjamin would be late for school. Yes, to add a little excitement in my life the girls go to a different school than Benjamin. They are bused to an elementary that has Preschool. The one down the street does not have Preschool.

So back to the story... Run kids run. Then right before we get down the street to Benjamin's school, Benjamin decides that he needs milk. He is not giving in. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was suppose to meet the Special Ed director to sign some papers at 12:15 well we are way past that. So I call her and tell her to meet us at the kindergarten door. Which she is outside waiting for us when we get there. And Benjamin and his milk obsession. She goes in to get him some milk from the cafeteria (and please do not "help" him by getting chocolate milk that would put him at a whole new level). She is now his new hero.

Now, the girls are going to be late if we do not hurry. So we leave Benjamin with Miss Lauren to wait the few minutes till school starts. Then we rush off to Henderson Elementary for the girls. Only to find out the only way I know how to get there the road is closed. Well, I am going to go around it. Yeah no. The whole road has been covered in a pile of gravel and I forgot the 4X4 van at home. So now what do I do? It is 12:40 their school starts at 12:45 and a dozen people are going to be at my house at 1 o'clock! So I find a different way! Yes, I made it in time. My poor kids. I ditched them too. I did not have time to be sucked into the whole first day of school sob story. I need to party!

So, I get back home and the party goes great! I meet a lot of great people. They food turned out great. Then all of the sudden could it be time to pick them up? Already? So we start the pick up process. Load the two kids that are still at home up and head over to the school to get Benjamin. The good news is that he had a good day! Then, off to the park to wait for the bus for the girls. And wait and wait and wait. After 50 mins. I run home to call transportation. My friend Amy stays at the park with my kids and her kids, just in-case the bus comes. Only to find out when I get home there are three messages from the school. The girls are at the school. What? They were not sure if they should put them on the bus! So this whole time they have been waiting for me to pick them up. What did I say to give them that impression? Oh well, off to the school to pick them up. Good thing I know how to get there now.

So by the time that Dan gets home. We are ALL in are jammies and ready for bed. We were all exhausted. The next day was better. And everyday since.

To cover or not to cover...

So here is a little project my sister Tammy and I did a few weeks back. These are before and after pictures. We recovered the chairs for the kitchen. There are four and they are all different fabric layouts but same collection. I think they turned out great!
Thanks for the help, Tammy!