Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a great fortune!

Filename: j0409521.jpgKeywords: Asian foods, cookies, food ...File Size: 790 KBI just wanted to share a cute thing Benjamin did yesterday.  We went out for Chinese last night for dinner.  In the car on the way home I gave the kids their fortune cookies.  When Benjamin opened his he read the fortune and said "It says I am a child of God".  I thought that was too cute to not to share.  

I hope everyone is having a great day.  The kids and I are on our way to Denver this Saturday. It should be interesting 2 adults and 5 children on 1 airplane.  I think that security scares me more than the flight.  Wish us luck.  We are going to LOVE being together as a family again.  amie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Photos!

On the top right side of the blog is a mac link to our photo page.   Amie has put some of the kiddos on there yesterday!