Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy Quotes of Metaling Monkeys

Benjamin – “May I have some pie ice cream please?” he would ask for his “pie ice cream” for several days, but we could not figure out what he was talking about when he declined each kind we offered.  Finally about a week later Amie bought some vanilla ice cream and elated Benjamin yelled out “PIE ICE CREAM!”  The ice cream you eat with pie...of course!

Aubrey - When I was fixing breakfast this morning I commented that we are having eggs for breakfast,  then Aubrey looked very discussed and exclaimed  "Those are baby bird eggs!  That is mean."  But in the end she did eat them with the rest of us,  which may be even more mean!

Claire -  Dan picked her up from nursery at church and she had a picture of a lot of different animals that she had colored.  Dan asked her if she made it.  She looked up at him and stated, "No Jesus made them, I just colored them." I am sure she was thinking, "I thought you were smart, Dad?" 

Julia - Mama! Dada!  And of course her growl... check out the movie. 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Great Sock Puppets!

Cousin Asher and Julia are getting to know each other.  

Showing off their sock puppets

Asher and Julia also had some quality bonding time.  Julia is much more mobile now but in a couple of months she doesn't stand a chance. 

Misty and Jordan came with a great idea to  make sock puppets with the kids.  Needless to say, it was a hit.   The kids picked out all the accessories and even named their puppets.  Benjamin had to take his to pre-school and then to bed with him!  "Cha-Che" is his puppets name, yea we didn't get it either but he has stuck with it.  Aubrey's name is simply puppy, and then we have the Aunt Misty puppet... with changing voices. 


if one birthday is good... three is GREAT!

It's Birthday time here with Amie's birthday on the 5th as well as Aubrey's and Claire's on the 11th.  The Twins turn three and Amie turns... sorry that part got edited out.   We like to get a jump start on things so the festivities all started last Friday when my sister Misty, brother in law Jordan and new nephew Asher came to visit from Ohio.  

We packed the weekend with a BBQ and church auction, (where a wall mounted singing bass went for $400... only in Texas! ) general conference, making sock puppets ( another entry all together ) and of course the Birthday Party!  The girls got princess outfits, swim suits, clothes and sleeping bags for as cold as 20 degrees!  Colorado camping here we come!   

Nana from KY sent personalized  children books with pictures of all the family throughout the pages.  I thought that was an ingenious idea.  The Kids were at first excited for the books then ECSTATIC  and went crazy when they saw their own pictures on the pages.  There were even pics of there "new friend Asher"  

When cake time came, for good times we had to through in some trick candles that just wouldn't blow out.