Monday, March 21, 2011

I remember this...

I little while ago I cleaned out the girls closet.  Aubrey was going through the pile I was getting rid of.  She keep holding things up and saying... " I remember this... when I was 4, when we were at Grandma's, and such." Well one of the shirts she held up and said, " I remember this shirt, it was when you didn't yell at us!" After I got over the shock of what she just said. I told her, "Oh, I remember that too.  It was when you use to listen to me.  Maybe we should both try harder."

Thanks, Aubrey, for calling me out on that!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Julia - with her hand stretched out with trash in it -  "Here.."
Aubrey - "I am not a mom!"  - and refused to take the trash.

I am afraid of what Aubrey's opinion of what a MOM is.  Nose wiping, trash taking, laundry doing, food cooking... but she is leaving out the hug catcher,  kiss getting and the kid snuggler.  I will admit that sometime I forget and leave those out also.