Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jen don't look...

I just made this dress for my friend Jen's daughter.
I just could not help but post it before I send it to her.

 I made the girls Christmas dress from this same pattern.  I will post those soon.
Jen, if you are reading this, sorry to ruin the surprise.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Benjamin is thankful for...


Do you notice that Grandma made the family portrait,
but Julia and Zachary did not?  
(she has always been his favorite)
Claire was quick to point out that Zachary would fit between Benjamin and Aubrey.  Julia would fit next to Grandma.
I am just grateful that he was thankful for family and not something like video games or candy.
I am blessed!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We spent a weekend in the mountains of Breckenridge!

Let the adventure began!

  View from our Condo, not bad!

  Out hiking.

 Claire's courageous climb next to the old mine.

Amie and Aubrey checking out the waterfall.
I've said it before... this is God's Country!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I need to find a new hiding spot.

So, my Mom got a FurReal cat for Aubrey (don't tell her) for Christmas.  The cat is probably going to be the closest thing my kids get to a pet for a long time. Anyways, it make real cat sounds and moves like a cat. It is really "real" looking. It is hiding in my sewing room closet.

It is wrapped in two or three layers of plastic. Indiscernible to the naked eye.  But when it comes to light this cat can tell the difference.  When you turn the lights off it will meow.  I have known this for a while now.  But it is only today that the kids have heard it.

Benjamin has been playing his playstation in my sewing room.  Tonight I went in and without thinking told him, "you do not need the light on". And then it happened.  "MEOW".
Benjamin, "what was that?".
Me, "what I did not hear anything".
Benjamin, "something went in my ear and I heard a meow.  I think there is a cat in here".
Me, "let's turn the light on and see".
Benjamin, "oh, there is no cat".
Then he proceeds to turn the light off and play his game.
Cat, "MEOW"
Benjamin, "there was that sound in my ear that told my thinking brain that there is a cat in the closet."
(and yes he said it just like that)
Me, "well tell me if you see it".
Benjamin, "I will because it will poop in here".
(I do want to thank him for his concern)

So, I thought it was over.  Oh no, it was not.  While I was relaying the story to my friend on the phone. I over hear Benjamin telling the girls, "come here.  There is a cat in Mommy's sewing room."

Great now everyone in involved!

I must go and intervene.  I go upstairs to find them flashing the lights on and off to try and persuade the cat out of it's hiding spot.  To no avail the cat, of course, did not come out. So I quickly usher everyone back to bed.  

As Julia goes into her room she looks back at me and says very quietly, "Shhh, kitty sleeping."
(so so cute)

Now, I am off to find a new sleeping spot for kitty. Before morning comes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Pan

Just went to Wal-Mart.
Found the best deal on 75% clearance

Only $3.25!
I think it will work for more than just Halloween.
If you can not tell I am very excited about this find.